The Riverstone Standing Shiva statues are hand-carved from riverstone by our incredible artists in Indonesia. Our riverstone rocks are members of the limestone family, giving them a higher hardness level than our other stone materials. This allows for a more detailed carving, especially in smaller pieces.In the case of fine art statues, even more time and effort has been put into etching every minut detail.


In this depiction of the Hindu god Shiva, you can see the amazing detail of his hair - one of his famous traits is his matted hair, from which flows the water of the Ganges. He is draped in prayer beads, and holds datura flowers and an alms bowl. His eyes are partially closed, symbolizing a meditative state on the cyclical nature of things.

IMG_RS Shiva Standing Model B Front.JPG.



Finish & Texture

Natural Finish


30" Height