We carry hand-carved greenstone and riverstone statuary options in a wide variety of designs and finishes.


In our Garden category we carry hand-carved lanterns, fountains, and outdoor furniture available in a variety of materials and finishes.


We have garden decor such as spheres, birdbaths, stars, lingams, etc. available in many sizes, materials, and finishes.


We have hand-carved sinks, and bathtubs.

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We carry stone cast statuary, in a wide variety of designs, from Buddhas to Yoga Poses.


In our Garden category we carry stone cast lanterns and fountains in many different styles, with easy lighting and water pump access.


We have a huge variety of stone cast stone decor, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.



We use greenstone, riverstone, and stone casting to make beautiful landscape design pieces. Our standard product offerings include statues, planters, lanterns, fountains, benches, tables, and a mix of décor items. Customization of existing designs is an option. The natural products can easily be customized as each one is hand-made. For stone casted items, a new mold will need to be constructed for any modifications.

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Greenstone is a fine-grain basalt found in the earth’s crust that takes on shades of green, grey and black with white silica deposits throughout. Riverstone is a vague term for rock found in riverbeds and on their shores. It has an overall greyish tone throughout, becoming lighter the more refined the work becomes. It is a member of the limestone family and has a higher hardness level than that of greenstone. This allows for a more detailed carving in most instances, especially in smaller pieces. Our stone cast products are made on-site at our manufacturer’s facility and is a durable mixture of cement and water.


We offer two finishes for our greenstone products, antique and natural. Antique is a bronze stain covering the entire piece, while natural is the stone left in its raw state. All riverstone is natural. Stone cast items can be left natural or stained in either a bronze or black finish.


We offer two texture types for select greenstone products, smooth and natural. Riverstone is always left in its natural state, with the exception of statuary. Stone cast is always smooth. All greenstone, riverstone and stone cast statues are smooth.


Why TMC?

Who makes these statues?

We work with amazing manufacturers in Indonesia. They have teams of artists, who hand-carve each detail.


What material are they?

All of our hand-carved stone items are made from volcanic greenstone and riverstone. The stone is sourced locally. We also carry stone casted products made with a mold.


Is everything really hand-carved?

Most of what we have at TMC is hand-carved, but we do have a few products that have stone cast options available which are molded.


Is there a lot of variety?

Tons. These artists can literally make anything. We carry Javanese Buddhas, Shivas, and Ganeshas, but we also have lanterns, planters, bathtubs, sinks, dragons, eagles, etc. Each artist is different, too, so the style can vary even within the same type of statue. Check out the smiles on each Buddha - they are all unique.


Do they make custom items?

Yes! Just let us know what you’re interested in, and we’ll work with the manufacturers to get it done. 


TMC Stone Decor is a Portland, Oregon-based importer of hand-carved natural stone and stone cast decor and statuary. We are a small family business that prides itself on working closely with our overseas manufacturers and our domestic customers to create great products and lasting relationships.



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